Creative Custom Mirror Frames

Custom mirror frames – A strategically placed mirror can make a room seem larger or add visual interest to any wall, while a single frame or mirror with little appeal could undermine the decor theme. Decorate a boring old mirror frame or a finding of the store with a coat of paint or some faux [...]

blue mercury glass candlesticks

Mercury glass candlesticks peaked in the nineteenth century. Under Napoleon III, the people who did not have the means to afford the silverware had found this subterfuge. See how this matter is illusion! It shines, is adorned with faceted and ribbed lines. It should not be confused with the ornaments beautifully crafted seventeenth and eighteenth [...]

Square LED Rain Shower Head

LED Rain Shower Head – When we seek to decorate a bedroom or living room, no shortage of ideas, but when it comes to decorating the bathroom, things changed, and put all our ingenuity to the test. If you seek refreshing, modern, even shocking to install a solution modern shower in the bathroom so that [...]

candle holder set

Octopus candle holder- candles we use when the power goes out or to create a romantic atmosphere. The wax usually has a rigid design – straight and tall. Well, at this time we will see the candles with a creative design that you have not seen in a store or shop near the house. This [...]

led accent lighting auto

Led accent lighting – Accent lighting highlights specific areas of a building complementing the general lighting. Its main objective may be to draw the eye to areas or architectural details private indoor or outdoor, or add depth or texture or refine the overall look of the space. Normally, accent lighting is given by adjustable devices [...]

Puck Lights Led Photos

The puck lights led are small lights that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate or area that is difficult to illuminate. These lights are usually small and independent, running on batteries or through a solar charge for night use. There is also led puck permanent lights that can be mounted under cabinet, in a hallway, [...]

design led bathroom mirror images

The led bathroom mirror is also a place of personal hygiene, the space where we deploy all our privacy. Especially women, we like spending time in it, whether by coquetry or simply because we like looking at us. In these times our bathrooms are often not the largest room in the house, just the opposite. [...]

Nice Nautical Picture Frames

A day dedicated to the nautical picture frames or is one day bathing in the warm sunshine, feeling the sea breeze brush against your skin and listening to the hypnotic sounds of the ocean. Bring everything that relaxing at home with a nautical theme. Save yourself money by building some of the decorative items for [...]

Amazing Faux Wood Garage Doors

Faux wood garage doors – We began to introduce the sectional door panels, plastic must remove that protects, serves for transport and that the panels do not suffer any damage, such as scratches or bumps, once peeled, we started his placement, one after another, in this way up to four panels, joined together by hinges, [...]

Candle sconces for wall decor

If you are looking for a unique way to give a touch of whimsy, color and style to a room without the permanence of wallpaper or paint, then you must learn to make candle sconces for wall applications. Almost any image you imagine makes a big label when translated into a monochrome silhouette bold. Test [...]